Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 11 – Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game: The Movie

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After a month’s break due to University work and other stuff, Life’s A Game is back with Podcast 11!


Edward Price – Creator and host of Life’s A Game/this website, Film Pitcher, called his Red Dead Horse “Captain Clopper”.

Gaminglives PageEdward

Markuz Reid – Creator of, this podcast’s theme tune, and shooter of many robots. Called his horse “Clippity”.
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Dominic Peppiatt – Made by Unicorns, Made of Unicorns, Is Unicorns.
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Callum Thomson – Future Assassin, former Gamestation employee and furious typer.
Hit The Floor

Ric Cowley – Creator of Signposted Disaster, free hug disliker, called his Red Dead horse “Steve”.
Nuthin’ Else To
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In This Episode, We…

– Start with dramatic reading by Richie in lieu of his absence from this episode.
– Talk about what we’ve been playing, which includes Avernum: Escape From the Pit, Mass Effect 3, Shoot Many Robots and Red Dead Redemption.
– Discuss GAME, because how could we not, really?
– Get historial with our discussion of the announcement of Assassin’s Creed 3, and whether we think the move to revolutionary America will make or break the series.
– Go under the sea with news that the Bioshock Movie Director has quit, and whether it’s a game that needs an adaptation anyway.
– Prove we can do one better than Hollywood by pitching our own videogame to movie adaptations.
– Review Metacritic in the wake of the news that Obsidian missed out on a bonus for New Vegas after failing to get 85 on Metacritic… they got 84.
– Retake retaking Mass Effect 3 in the wake of the Doctors’ announcement that Bioware will expand the ending (not change it) in the wake of fan backlash.
– End the show on our recommendations of the week.

Thanks once again for listening, and we hope you enjoy! We’ll be back soon for more unmissable podcasting gold!

<3 Edward Price, aka Jokesound.