Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 12 – The Jar Jar Binks Kinect Experience

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Forget those April showers, and instead concentrate on the showers of awesome brushing through your eardrums courtesy of the Life’s A Game Podcast!


Edward Price
Is the creator of this site, which is probably the only reason he’s still the host of the Life’s A Game Podcast, despite being the absolute worst person at segueing ever, though he is best friends with Garrus Vakarian, allegedly.

Gaminglives PageEdward

Christopher Hartnup – Creator of Shutdownreboot, is doing a thing for charity, and knows all the social conventions that come with showering.
Gaminglives PageChris
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Richie Harkness
Creator of, who were recently discovered to be the sole reason you have hot gaming sauce all over your chops, he still hates EA, and he still hates midgets, which we did not in any way ever exploit for purposes of comedy gold. Not ever. Okay, maybe a little…
Gaminglives PageRichie

Lucy James – Play Games, writes at Robot-Geek, BigRedBarrel, 7Bit Arcade, is a former Gamespot UK Intern, yet doesn’t know shower etiquette.
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Big Red
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Ric Cowley

Creator of Signposted Disaster, Toffee Popcorn Doughnut Lover, wants to punch actresses in the facial region.
Nuthin’ Else To
Gaminglives PageRic

In This Episode, We…

– Stick a finger up at innovation by talking about what we’ve been playing, which includes Mass Effect 3 (no spoilers), Shoot Many Robots, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, and an epic list from Richie that’s too numerous to name here.
– Pity our friend Ste, who recently gave up gaming for Lent, and discuss what the Gaming Industry should give up forever, not just for Lent.
– Drum up support for Chris’ forthcoming Battlefield 3 Marathon for the Charity Special-Effect, and encourage you to do likewise.
– Ponder on GAME being saved from the brink of administration, and whether there’s a future for retail after all.
– Resist the Dark Side that is Star Wars Kinect, complete with a mode where Han Solo dance battles against Lando, and debate who has it worse in gaming: Aliens fans or Star Wars fans?
– Prove we can somehow do worse than Lucasarts by attempting to pitch games that would somehow manage to be worse than Star Wars Kinect.
– Discover that EA have been voted the worst company in America, and question whether it’s deserved, or just part of the seemingly neverending backlash against Mass Effect 3.
– Once again prove we don’t need no stinkin’ changes, as we end the show, once again, on our recommendations of the week.

Thanks once again for listening, and we hope you enjoy! We’re planning something completely different for the next podcast, so stay tuned, and reach for the stars…

<3 Edward Price, aka Jokesound.

Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 5

Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 5 – 2nd December 2011 – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Life’s A Game? Surely, you can’t be serious!
Well, we are serious. And don’t call us Shirley!

Yes, Life’s A Game is back again with it’s fifth episode, and what an episode it is! Why, we have plenty of game discussion for you, with this week covering the gamut of Mario Kart 7, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Skyward Sword and having too many games to play, who really won between Call of Duty and Battlefield 3, Minecraft, Skyrim, Proving the industry wrong, and Sony’s inability to learn lessons with the Playstation Vita!

We also have a varied playlist once again covering music from all different genres and games! This week, the audio delights bought to you were:
Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
She Was The Only One – People On Vacation
Guard My Heart – Bowling For Soup
Between the Lines – The Ghost Inside
The Legend of Zelda: Suite – London Philharmonic Orchestra
Johnny B. Goode – Marty McFly and the Starlighters

Remember to check back next week, when we’ll be here with the penultimate episode of Life’s A Game! That’s right, there’s only two more episodes to go, and we can’t wait to get to them and give the show the send off it deserves before we return back to the podcasts for good! Remember to tune in to on friday at 6pm, and check back here the next day for the download! :)

<3 Edward

Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 2

Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 2 – 11th November 2011 – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Hey there, and welcome to the Life’s A Game Radio Show!
With me this week I have a man who writes for and produces acoustic comedy songs under the name Signposted Disaster. So welcome to my special guest Ric Cowley!

I’m a big fan of his music, and I thought it’d be rather brilliant to get him on the show with me to discuss his music and inspirations, how he makes songs and tell us some fun stories! We also discuss Modern Warfare 3, whilst I ruin Battlefield 3 for everyone with a rather disturbing mental image, and talk about Ric’s upcoming release “All My Friends Have Problems”, with an exclusive first play of one of a brand new song called “I’m Breaking Up With You”!

This week, every song was by Signposted Disaster, and have been included in the download of this episode. If you liked them, you can download them yourself for free over at!
Welcome to Animal Crossing
That Sounds Like A Song Lyric
We’re All Going To Die (One Of Those Days)
Stop Living
30 Flights of Goddamned Stairs
I’m Breaking Up With You

I want to thank Ric for joining me this week, and hopefully you’ll enjoy his contribution to the show as much as I did :)
If you want to see what he does outside of making music, then check out his writing at, follow him on Twitter or even check out his Blog!

That’s all for this week, so see you next week at 6pm on!

<3 Edward

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 8 – My Podcast With Adam

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 8 – My Podcast With Adam – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Oh hai guys! Would you look at that? It’s the Life’s A Game Podcast!

But with that news comes a certain sadness. This will be the last LAG Podcast for the next couple of months.


Because next week will be the start of the last series of the Life’s A Game Radio Show!

That’s right, Life’s A Game will have one more radio series on before saying farewell to the radio waves. All shows will be broadcast live on Wired Radio Fridays at 6pm (UK Time), and then available to download from this site over the weekend, so if you’re unable to listen live for whatever reason, then you’ll be able to listen to it later on without music. Excited? I know I am!

But I digress, back to the podcast.

As this is the final podcast for a while, I decided to do something a little different. So I grabbed my good friend Adam Freeman (host of the most excellent Gaminglives Podcast) and had a rather in-depth conversation with him about all things recent in gaming.

So, if you want to hear what we’ve been playing, our love of Minecraft, my trip to the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony, my thoughts on Disney Universe, All Zombies Must Die! and the co-op problem, our favourite gaming worlds and videogame tunes, Adam’s Morrowind adventures, Uncharted 3 and the problem with fan reaction to reviews, Battlefield vs Modern Warfare and Adam’s experience with Mass Effect 3’s upcoming Galaxy at War mode, then click that link at the beginning of the post and get downloading, because your ears are in for a treat!

I’d like to thank Mr Freeman very much for his participation, and making My Podcast With Adam possible. If you want to get hold of more of his opinions in readable form then make sure to check out his twitter and Gaminglives writer’s page. If you can’t get enough of his dulcet tones, then make sure you subscribe to the Gaminglives Podcast, where he’ll be joined by Mark, Ben, Lee and Lorna on a weekly basis.

(Twitter) (Gaminglives) (Gaminglives Podcast)

Thanks very much anyone who downloaded and listened to the podcast, and it’ll be back in a few months. I’ll see you all next week for the final series of the radio version of Life’s A Game!

Love Edward, aka Jokesound <3

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 6 – PONG HD

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 6 – PONG HD – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Episode Six of the Life’s A Game Podcast is here and it’s somehow even better than before!
Yes, I know you’re supposed to say that the newest one is always the best with these things, but seriously. Give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed. In the most immature and ridiculous LAG yet, I’m joined by creator Markuz Reid, Best Bromance since Download 2011 Callum Thomson, and GL writer and comedy acoustic singer Richard Cowley of Signposted Disaster!

This week the list of things we discussed reached epic proportions with discussions including, but not limited to:
Crysis 2, Fifa ’11, Red Faction Guerilla and Armageddon, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Sid Meier’s Pirates and Ric’s attempts to achievement whore with King Kong and Hannah Montana, Barbie’s Horse Adventures, G1 Champion & Jockey, Ico & Shadows of the Collossus HD, R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, Borderlands 1 & 2, the things you could do with Nutella, Battlefield 3, elements in games which were never picked up again, Pong and the need for a HD remake, why sharks simultaneously ruin every game and why everything needs more sharks, the Land Before Time and other games that made us sad, Fallout 3 and New Vegas and disappointing bosses, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, A New Beginning and what we’d do if we could go back in time and change the course of gaming, Markuz’s plans for Billy Mitchell, Free Radical and shocking news regarding Timesplitters 4, Kotaku and women licking doorknobs, Peoww‘s Richie as the Fonz, bad films with killer sharks, CliffyB and daring to give Gears of War 3 anything less than an 8/10, Marmite and Yeast Paste, why Callum and I were the coolest at Download 2011, Bayonetta and our problems with Japanese games, Minecraft, Sony’s attempts to stop anyone ever suing them over the PSN ever again, the Book of Unwritten Tales, and our recommendations of the week.

There’s a ridiculous amount of laughter, comments likely to disturb and bromance beyond a scale you may be comfortable with. It’s also the best damn Life’s A Game recording to date, and you’ll love us for it.

If you have any ideas of topics you’d like us to discuss or ways we could improve future podcasts, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Any suggestions and valid criticisms will be taken on board and applied where possible to help improve the podcast in the long term.

I want to thank the brave, brave warriors who sacrificed their time, dignity and sanity on this podcast, and here’s a link to who they were as well as some of their stuff!
Callum Thomson (Twitter) (Netcars Blog)
Markuz Reid (Twitter) (Gaminglives)
Richard Cowley (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page) (Signposted Disaster Band Page)

That’s not all, as we’ve got a couple of links below which were bought up in the podcast or otherwise relevant to our ramblings:
Brutalitees (Awesome custom T-Shirts created by Markuz!)
Gears of War 3: Review From The Future.
Ginx TV.

And while you’re here, make sure you also check out the Podcast, featuring Ben, Lee, Markuz, Adam Freeman and Lorna Reid, which you can access by clicking the link to the itunes subscription page that’ll be provided at the end of the next sentence. It’s even better than LAG, and that’s my personal endorsement and guarantee! (Link)

Thanks everyone for listening to the podcast, and we hope to see you soon! Please make sure to support LAG by downloading it, liking it and sharing it with your friends!

Much love,
Edward Price, aka Jokesound.

P.S: Frequent Podcast member Christopher Hartnup and I will be attending this year’s Eurogamer Expo on behalf of! Keep a look out for us if you’re attending! If not, check out the coverage on the site soon after!