Life’s A Game – Series 2

So, Life’s A Game – Series 2 – The Rise Of The Age Of The Adventure Of The Revenge of The Bad Guy And His MacGuffin Of Power! is finally over. After 10 weeks of both the second series of LAG and the first series of Wired’s Breakfast Show on Tuesdays, and three awards (okay, so two were runners-up, but they’re still awards), we can draw a close to Life’s A Game until the inevitable 3rd Series, which will most likely be about September/October time.

So this page thing will be to provide easy links to all the Wired Radio/Life’s A Game related posts between January and March, including all of the shows. The episodes are all hyperlinked to the posts with the episode in question, and then next to them are rough descriptions of each episode. So basically, click the episode number to get to that episode. Is simples!

So, without further ado:

LAG Series 2!: Wherein I announce the beginning of Life’s A Game Series 2, explain why some of the episodes are named after sequels, and unveil that sexy promo poster. Image by

Episode 1: The triumphant return of Life’s A Game, and the beginning of the Wired Tuesday Breakfast Show. Featuring Natalie Preddie, and Alexandra McLoughlin’s “Don’t Let Me Get Me” (Featuring The Bibelots). Named after Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. The Ultimate in So-Bad-It’s-Good Movies

Episode 2: Featuring “Don’t Let Me Get Me”‘s Alex McLoughlin on my show, and featuring the Bridport Dagger on hers. Named after Die Hard 2.

Episode 3: Wherein I watched 4 Uwe Boll movies (House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, Postal) and talked about them, Alex’s DLMGM Guest was Chris Willsher (Temper Temper and Creatures of Love) and many laughs were had on the Breakfast Show, with Benen’s final appearance before he just stopped showing up :( Named for the 2nd Bourne film.

Episode 4: Wherein Reykjavik took over both Alex’s final Don’t Let Me Get Me (also featuring Brandon Jacobs of Neil’s Children and Goodnight and I Wish) and my Life’s A Game, with a special exclusive acoustic set on my show. Stands as the most popular Life’s A Game recording, and with good reason, thanks to Reykjavik. :)

Episode 5: Wherein BenjaminRees guest starred on this reading week episode dedicated to Gamingtimes Day – Something I totally did not make up and is so real you guys you don’t even know. We spoke a lot about multiplayer through the ages, and it was a good deal of fun. :)

Episode 6: The 2 Hour special of Life’s A Game, featuring DJ MASTA AMERIKA. I pretty much died towards the end of this one. Don’t forget the breakfast show was good this week, too! Named for Crank 2: High Voltage.

Episode 7: Named for 2 Fast 2 Furious. This was the week I decided not to do a third series after Easter, but to do it again in Octobertime. Also, the Breakfast show had massive technical difficulties, but we still put on an amazing show. As always. Heck yeah.

Episode 8: While a lot more News Orientated than previous shows, was still a Life’s A Game worth listening to. The Breakfast show featured our producer and now head of Wired Radio – Natalie Preddie. Also, named for Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge. Which was announced to be getting a HD Remake about 2 days after this show went up. Coincidence?

Episode 9: The penultimate Life’s A Game. Features Louis Osborne, my Pokemon expert, talking up a storm in the last 20 minutes about the then-upcoming Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes. Also, the Breakfast Show was download only, seeing as it wasn’t broadcasting so the station could move to an MP3 stream.

Wired Awards Ceremony (And Thank Yous): Wherein I basically talk about what awards I won, and thank Wired Radio. It’s pretty long and self-indulgent, but there you go.

Episode 10: One of the best final shows I could have asked for. Reykjavik and BenjaminRees came back for the final episode of Life’s A Game. Reykjavik showed off a rough mix of their new upcoming single, and I thank them again for showing up and helping make the final show awesome. I had a more sombre send-off with Ashleigh for the Breakfast show, which is technically the final, final recording I did for Wired Radio before leaving.

So there you go, there are all the episodes and things related to Life’s A Game – Series 2 – The Rise Of The Age Of The Adventure Of The Revenge of The Bad Guy And His MacGuffin Of Power! Enjoy!

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