Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 12 – The Jar Jar Binks Kinect Experience

Click here to download Episode 12 – The Jar Jar Binks Kinect Experience

Forget those April showers, and instead concentrate on the showers of awesome brushing through your eardrums courtesy of the Life’s A Game Podcast!


Edward Price
Is the creator of this site, which is probably the only reason he’s still the host of the Life’s A Game Podcast, despite being the absolute worst person at segueing ever, though he is best friends with Garrus Vakarian, allegedly.

Gaminglives PageEdward

Christopher Hartnup – Creator of Shutdownreboot, is doing a thing for charity, and knows all the social conventions that come with showering.
Gaminglives PageChris
Donate To Chris’ Battlefield Marathon for

Richie Harkness
Creator of, who were recently discovered to be the sole reason you have hot gaming sauce all over your chops, he still hates EA, and he still hates midgets, which we did not in any way ever exploit for purposes of comedy gold. Not ever. Okay, maybe a little…
Gaminglives PageRichie

Lucy James – Play Games, writes at Robot-Geek, BigRedBarrel, 7Bit Arcade, is a former Gamespot UK Intern, yet doesn’t know shower etiquette.
7 Bit
Big Red
Gamespot UKLucy_JJ at Gamespot UK

Ric Cowley

Creator of Signposted Disaster, Toffee Popcorn Doughnut Lover, wants to punch actresses in the facial region.
Nuthin’ Else To
Gaminglives PageRic

In This Episode, We…

– Stick a finger up at innovation by talking about what we’ve been playing, which includes Mass Effect 3 (no spoilers), Shoot Many Robots, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, and an epic list from Richie that’s too numerous to name here.
– Pity our friend Ste, who recently gave up gaming for Lent, and discuss what the Gaming Industry should give up forever, not just for Lent.
– Drum up support for Chris’ forthcoming Battlefield 3 Marathon for the Charity Special-Effect, and encourage you to do likewise.
– Ponder on GAME being saved from the brink of administration, and whether there’s a future for retail after all.
– Resist the Dark Side that is Star Wars Kinect, complete with a mode where Han Solo dance battles against Lando, and debate who has it worse in gaming: Aliens fans or Star Wars fans?
– Prove we can somehow do worse than Lucasarts by attempting to pitch games that would somehow manage to be worse than Star Wars Kinect.
– Discover that EA have been voted the worst company in America, and question whether it’s deserved, or just part of the seemingly neverending backlash against Mass Effect 3.
– Once again prove we don’t need no stinkin’ changes, as we end the show, once again, on our recommendations of the week.

Thanks once again for listening, and we hope you enjoy! We’re planning something completely different for the next podcast, so stay tuned, and reach for the stars…

<3 Edward Price, aka Jokesound.

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