Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 2

Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 2 – 11th November 2011 – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Hey there, and welcome to the Life’s A Game Radio Show!
With me this week I have a man who writes for and produces acoustic comedy songs under the name Signposted Disaster. So welcome to my special guest Ric Cowley!

I’m a big fan of his music, and I thought it’d be rather brilliant to get him on the show with me to discuss his music and inspirations, how he makes songs and tell us some fun stories! We also discuss Modern Warfare 3, whilst I ruin Battlefield 3 for everyone with a rather disturbing mental image, and talk about Ric’s upcoming release “All My Friends Have Problems”, with an exclusive first play of one of a brand new song called “I’m Breaking Up With You”!

This week, every song was by Signposted Disaster, and have been included in the download of this episode. If you liked them, you can download them yourself for free over at!
Welcome to Animal Crossing
That Sounds Like A Song Lyric
We’re All Going To Die (One Of Those Days)
Stop Living
30 Flights of Goddamned Stairs
I’m Breaking Up With You

I want to thank Ric for joining me this week, and hopefully you’ll enjoy his contribution to the show as much as I did :)
If you want to see what he does outside of making music, then check out his writing at, follow him on Twitter or even check out his Blog!

That’s all for this week, so see you next week at 6pm on!

<3 Edward

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