Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 1

Life’s A Game Series 4 Episode 1 – 4th November 2011 – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Ah, so here it is. The final series of Life’s A Game on student radio.
Can it be? Truly, does the twilight begin here?

Well, yes it does. Welcome to the first of the final stretch with another show talking about the wider world of videogames. Back refreshed from a a long summer away from the radio waves and shouting into the abyss that is the internet with the amazing Life’s A Game podcasts, episode one does what it can to deliver my latest rants and opinions on what’s been happening in videogames recently.

So what was covered this week around? Well, there’s the new Grand Theft Auto Five trailer and the series as a whole, Uncharted 3 and the problem of scoring reviews, Disney Universe, Final Fantasy 4, the Modern Warfare 3 controversy and a few more things to boot! There’s certainly some interesting one sided discussions going on that you’ll at the very least enjoy hearing!

I apologise for the poor sound quality of the episode. I’ve done what I can to fix it, but it’s still a bit problematic and for that I’m sorry. Hopefully future episodes will be free of any sound issues, but please bear with this episode, and I hope it doesn’t detract from the quality of the show or impact your listening too much.

While the download doesn’t contain any of the following tracks, below are the tracks in the order they were played, and an appropriate link to Youtube. Remind me at some point and I’ll put all of the tracks into a Spotify playlist when a few more shows have been done.

Linus of Hollywood – When Are We Gonna Do It?
Tim Minchin – Inflatable You
Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic
Weird Al Yankovic – TMZ
Bowling For Soup – Stacy’s Mom
Barenaked Ladies – What A Letdown (Sadly, this is the acoustic version, you’ll have to look elsewhere for the original version played on the show!)

I think that’s all for the first week! Next week’s episode promises to be very interesting, with a very special guest and content. Hope you like it as much as I’m going to :D

<3 Edward.
P.S: Make sure to keep up to date with the show and other information on the Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the latest content on Ginx TV and Gaminglives! (Check the sidebar for links!)

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