Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 8 – My Podcast With Adam

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 8 – My Podcast With Adam – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Oh hai guys! Would you look at that? It’s the Life’s A Game Podcast!

But with that news comes a certain sadness. This will be the last LAG Podcast for the next couple of months.


Because next week will be the start of the last series of the Life’s A Game Radio Show!

That’s right, Life’s A Game will have one more radio series on before saying farewell to the radio waves. All shows will be broadcast live on Wired Radio Fridays at 6pm (UK Time), and then available to download from this site over the weekend, so if you’re unable to listen live for whatever reason, then you’ll be able to listen to it later on without music. Excited? I know I am!

But I digress, back to the podcast.

As this is the final podcast for a while, I decided to do something a little different. So I grabbed my good friend Adam Freeman (host of the most excellent Gaminglives Podcast) and had a rather in-depth conversation with him about all things recent in gaming.

So, if you want to hear what we’ve been playing, our love of Minecraft, my trip to the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony, my thoughts on Disney Universe, All Zombies Must Die! and the co-op problem, our favourite gaming worlds and videogame tunes, Adam’s Morrowind adventures, Uncharted 3 and the problem with fan reaction to reviews, Battlefield vs Modern Warfare and Adam’s experience with Mass Effect 3’s upcoming Galaxy at War mode, then click that link at the beginning of the post and get downloading, because your ears are in for a treat!

I’d like to thank Mr Freeman very much for his participation, and making My Podcast With Adam possible. If you want to get hold of more of his opinions in readable form then make sure to check out his twitter and Gaminglives writer’s page. If you can’t get enough of his dulcet tones, then make sure you subscribe to the Gaminglives Podcast, where he’ll be joined by Mark, Ben, Lee and Lorna on a weekly basis.

(Twitter) (Gaminglives) (Gaminglives Podcast)

Thanks very much anyone who downloaded and listened to the podcast, and it’ll be back in a few months. I’ll see you all next week for the final series of the radio version of Life’s A Game!

Love Edward, aka Jokesound <3

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