Happy 2nd Birthday!

It’s party time once again, as Jokesound turns two years old today!

Yes, it’s been two years since the blog, formerly known as Life’s A Game, was created as a place to store recordings of my University Radio show, and I have to admit I’ve been more than lucky with everything since then. After starting up the radio show, it’s since gone on to do three series, and lately branched out into online only recordings that allowed me a bit more creative freedom and let me get some friends to joke around, talk videogames, and say horrible, vile things which I fear may be used against me later on, possibly in a court of law.

So what’s happened to this blog in the last year apart from the name change?
Well, one of the most significant events was leaving PlusXP, the first site I started writing for. I’m still massively grateful to Rob for giving me my first chance into the foray of writing, and I still consider him a good friend and wish the site the best of luck for the future.

I still write at Gaminglives.com, and this year the site has gone from strength to strength, making appearances at PAX East, E3 and Gamescom, and I was lucky enough to go the Eurogamer Expo on behalf of the site this year. I’m extremely thankful to Mark and Lorna for the priviledge, and I want to thank them again for everything they’ve done for me since I started writing for their site.

One of the biggest things to happen to me since last year is that I now write for Ginx Television. I started interning for them over the summer before my final year of University, and I now work there on days when I’m not at University. I just spend those days wishing I was back in the office. This is something I really need to thank Neil for, as if it wasn’t for him initially inviting me into the office and then offering me an intern position, I wouldn’t be in such an awesome position now. So thanks Neil, you’re awesome :)

So what are the plans for the future?

Well, there will be more episodes of Life’s A Game in the future, but at this moment in time I’m not sure what form they’ll take. A fourth and final series of the Radio show is planned, but hasn’t yet been confirmed. Until it has, the future of the podcast is up in the air; if the radio show comes back for a final series, then the podcast will be put on hiatus, but if the show doesn’t come back then the podcast will take its place permanently.

In terms of actual writing, I know that the second year saw far fewer articles going up in comparison to the first year, and that’s been down to a couple of factors. One of which is that for the most part, I consider Gaminglives and Ginx work to be higher priorities, and write on the Jokesound blog when I have free time. I’ve also found it difficult at times to think of things to write, especially as for the most part anything videogame related (that isn’t topical or has a need to be posted sooner rather than later) is taken elsewhere first. However, I do have several plans for more updates on the site and a couple of projects that I’m working on in the meantime, and as soon as I feel they’re at a place I can post them on the site I will. I may also put old articles I’ve written elsewhere on the site in order to keep this a lot more active.

If all goes to plan, this third year will be a lot more active in terms of updates. However, I will be trying to juggle my final year of University and a dissertation with Ginx and Gaminglives work, so forgive me if those plans take longer to come to fruition than I’d otherwise like.

If you want to check out more stuff I’ll be involved with, then visit:
Gaminglives.com & Ginx.tv

There’s not much else for me to do now except thank everyone who has supported me, read my stuff and listened to my ramblings over the last two years, with a special thanks to the people who have given me amazing chances and opportunities to prove myself, and I hope that you’ll continue to do so in the future.

Thank you, and Happy 2nd Birthday! :)

-Edward Price, aka Jokesound.

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