Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 2 – Quest For Chocolate Medals

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 2 – The Quest For Chocolate Medals – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Hello there, and welcome to the Life’s A Game Podcast!
After the surprisingly good reception we got for the first podcast, we decided to press on with episode two! This episode introduced our good friend and fellow Gaminglives writer Ste alongside Kat Rice and Christopher Hartnup, but was without Adam Freeman and Zeromark; the former was in Germany for the Gamescom Expo and the latter was sadly otherwise engaged. They’ll be returning in future podcasts, though, we hope!

This podcast comes in at a slightly shorter length than the previous one, at episode two clocks in at just over an hour.
This time around, you’ll potentially hear us talk about what we’ve been playing this week, including:
Kat’s ideas for a DrinkalongaPodcast, Ste’s perchant for blowing fairies and offends absolutely everybody, Chocolate Medals, our proposal for a segment called “Chris does/doesn’t remember”, Game Dev Story (again), the forgotten classic Bioforge, Diddy Kong Racing, EDF Insect Armageddon, New Vegas, Deus Ex, Tropico 3, Super 8, World War Z, what we really think when Chris disappears from the podcast, and our recommendations of the week, but not necessarily in that order. So you know, not that much ;)

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and feedback at the end of the article. Any ideas you have that you feel will help improve the podcast or things you want us to discuss will be greatly appreciated and taken on board for future recordings.

My details can be found elsewhere on this blog, but here’s how you can catch up with what the others are doing!
Christopher Hartnup (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page) (Blog)
Kat Rice (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page) (Blog)
Markuz Reid [Theme Tune Creator] (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
Ste Marsh (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)

I want to thank Chris, Kat and Ste for joining me for podcast number two, and to all those who listen in and help spread the word. You’re all tops, and I really appreciate it :)

<3 Edward, aka Jokesound.

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