Life’s A Game Podcast 1 – Toffer’s Rage

Hello, and welcome to the redesign for Jokesound!
This blog was formally named Life’s A Game, but while the site took advantage of the lack of updates to get a redesign courtesy of Justbiglee, it was decided that it was better to rebrand the site and name it after my internet alias, rather than the radio show I was doing at my university. The Life’s A Game part of the site now refers to the radio show and the new podcast, which you’ll find contained in this post, and everything else otherwise reverts under the “Jokesound” branding. Hope this clears everything up.
We now return you to your relatively unscheduled blogging.

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 1 – Toffer’s Rage – Click this link and then download when prompted.

After several months away from the radio waves, Life’s A Game is finally back for downloadable goodness and awesomeness for all, but this time as a Podcast! After several months passed from my last broadcast, I got a bit antsy and wanted to bring it back in a way I could other people on the show and more involved than just through livetweeting during the show. So, I gathered several of my friends we recorded the first of what will hopefully be many podcasts to come. Sorry if there are any technical difficulties with this week’s podcast, as it’s a learning experience for me. This week, I was joined by Mark Smith, Kat Rice, Adam Freeman and Christopher Hartnup; all excellent writers on with articles you’d be foolish not to check out.

In our first episode, we discussed what we’ve been playing recently, Game Dev Story, UFC Trainer and joining the Kinect Club, EA’s Battlefield and Origin, our recommendations of the week, Valve and Counter-Strike Global Operations, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and bad endings in videogames. This episode is also named after one of our personal highlights, as Toffer tried in vain to talk about a game that wasn’t the upcoming id title Rage.

I’d like to thank my guests for appearing on the podcast, and below are links to places you can find them on the internet:
Adam Freeman (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
Christopher Hartnup (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
Kat Rice (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
Mark Smith (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)

I’d also like to thank Markuz Reid, the creator of Gaminglives for creating the theme tune.
(Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
As well as Lee Williams for redesigning the website for me!
(Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
Also, be sure to check out Signposted Disaster, free to download music from Gaminglives writer Ric, either!
(Band Page) (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page)
And don’t forget to check out Gaminglives’ coverage of Gamescom 2011! (Click Here)

Thank you for listening, and I hope there’ll be more episodes soon for you to listen to!
-Edward, aka Jokesound.

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