Y EYe Liek Gamez

i woke up this mornign and i turned over and i was annoyed that it was a friday and i had to get up and do stuff so i got out of bed and went to the toilet and done a poop then looked afterwards and decided it was a good poop then flushed and had to again because it was a floater and looked in the mirror and realised something so important that i haf to rush to the laptop and tell you all this tight nwo.

i liek gamez.

im not shore when i furst realized this but i ran downstairs to tell my girlfriend and thats when i remembered that she left me a lkong time ago because i spent too much time playing gaems. was this a major point in my life when i realised that i might like games and while i was wondering this i decided to make some toadst with some eggs and bacon too even though people i know don’t eat animals i do because i think their tasty and i wondered if pigs could play games and i thought i should ask someone about it.

while eeting i thought more anbout liking games and tried to think about games that i liked to play and why i liekd them and it was difficult and made my head hurt so i decided to play some more games and i looked at the games i had and thought about wot i wanted to play and why i did and if it meant that i liked games and so i tried halo but i thogut of wen my friend called it gaylo and went lol and i love halo so i punched him and hes not my friend anymore. i wish i could be master chef his well cool and kills aliens and i have naked pictues of cortana if she was reel id make her hav sex with me and id make her scream about how my penis is super big and not tiny like everyone in pe found out that time when derek pulled my pants down and now i hate derek and i imagine im killing him when i kill floods LOL

i wanted to draw my cat but theyre wasnt enufh space so i drew myself insted

of corse i didnt always liek games and im not shure when it happened but all i new was this morning i new i liekd games and i dont no why i didnt no until now but it might have started when i was lsmaler and my dad gave me a games syustem and i was like dad the graffics are terrible what is this thing fro noobs this isnt good as halo and he was like i thnk you wood like sonick and i was like sonick is terrible there are no guns and you cant shoot things and he was like you have to jump on them and i was like why would you do that wen their ar guns and i refused to play it so he got me halo so maybe that was when i first liked games but im not 2 shore

then i got tired because i had a long day staring at the latpop waitng for things to happen on it then i wandered moar why i lke games and thought i wood right it down for you so you can read it and people wood tell me im a grate righter and then i can right for peopel but im not shur who. i wood liek ign but they didnt like me may b i was too smart for them LOL and i liek eurogamer but my parnets tell me bad people live in other countries and immygrate hear and take the jobs away and i wanted to take them b4 they could LMAO theni tred kotaku but they sed i wos 2 high brow for them and im dunno wot they meen and i told them and they wanted me to right 4 them but id hav to moove to america and i dont liek the president because hes a muslim and they bombed 9/11 and i dont want to leaf my cat at home cos i love master chef yes LOL i named my cat after him cos his my hero

i need to sleep now because i am tired and i have been righting butnow i am done typing words so you can read them and i hoped you liked what i righted and tell your friends then ill be famous and get to have sex with cool women i like and get free games so i hop you have lieked my thing about y eye liek gamez and if you dont 2 ur a noob and ill pwn you on halo you noob cos i am the best at halo LOL

and that is y eye liek gamez


9 thoughts on “Y EYe Liek Gamez

  1. This is funny dood :D I read your article and then I laughed and then I decided to write a comment and then I started to type this paragraph and I’m still typing it and now I’m not.

  2. dis is da bestest fing i have ever readz on teh interwebz i was like loling and my mum came and told me off coz i was laffin but shes stupid un dont no nuffin about gamez,

    i have really lieked reading dis you are so gud and it reallys spaek to my <3 can we be frinds on facebooks? also my gamertags is XxIRLeeas5as1nInNitxX if you wanted to play haloz and i nn a place where dey have rude pictures of cortana

    • gld u liekd it lee my mum nevar understnds and im liek mum stop no one lves u dats y dad lft and i ply games
      we cn be frends on faccebok and we cn ply gamezx togatha son

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