LAG Series 3 Episode 8 – Finale

Life’s A Game Series 3 Episode 8 (28th March 2011) – Click this link and then download when prompted.

For the final week of Life’s A Game Series 3, I wanted to do something a bit different. Now, I make no attempts to hide my love for Charlie Brooker, and so I’ll admit that I got an idea for something amazing I could do for my final show from his fifth series. One episode is completely different from the rest and instead focuses on interviews with TV Writers; asking them how they learnt their craft and got into doing what they now do. I thought I’d basically nab this idea but apply it to two websites whom I’m a great fan of for various reasons, and managed to grab Richie of and Mark of and interview both of them separately.

However, due to extreme technical difficulties which couldn’t be fixed before the show was scheduled, the show had to be cancelled and converted to a download-only format. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but luckily as the interviews were prepared and edited in advance, not too much has been lost, I hope.

In the interview with Richie we discussed how Peoww came to be, how he’s handled controversy the site has faced, the way the site approaches reviews, his attitudes towards the ‘Lemon’ games and maxing games, the style of writing on the site and the ‘punk rock’ attitude taken with the site generally, as well as any future plans for Peoww. I’d like to thank him very much for taking the time to let me interview him, and then editing the interview down so that I could broadcast it. Below are some links that are relevant to the interview, whether to provide some better context or because they were specifically mentioned, feel free to check them out.

The Peoww ForumsWhere Peoww began.
Peoww’s Killzone 2 Review.
Gaminglives’ PAX East EDF 2 Preview & Interview.
Gaminglives/Peoww Crossover PodcastA greater discussion of achievements and maxing games spearheaded by Richie.

Afterwards I had planned to play the interview that I had with Mark of In this interview we discussed the creation of the site, how he approaches writing and reviews on the site, the recent writing competition on the site, his past writing experiences, advice for those wishing to start writing about games themselves, and why PAX East was like getting a tattoo and why it was an amazing experience. Like with Richie, I’d like to thank Mark for letting me interview him, as well as thank him for editing the interview, creating the theme tune that has played at the beginning of each show and helping out on past episodes with both Dead Space 2 coverage and an interview with Lorna about point and click games. Below are more links, this time relevant to the Gaminglives interview, whether because they were specifically mentioned or to provide better context.

God is in the DetailsMark’s Article on Fallout 3 mentioned in the interview.
Two Worlds II – Full Review The 8500-word whopper Mark mentions (and also wrote).
Eat Your Art OutThe Writing Competition’s winning entry.
Karting and the Art of Not Punching Your Best Friend In The ThroatOne of the finalists Mark mentions.
Fresh Air SucksOne of the finalists Mark mentions.
PAX East Coverage:
Shoot Many Robots Interview
Bastion Preview & Interview
Jurassic Park Preview & Interview
Portal 2 Interview

The show can be found in the link below:
Life’s A Game Series 3 Episode 8 (28th March 2011) – For the show in full, click this link and then download when prompted.

Not much left for me to do now but to thank all the people who throughout the third series have given amazing support to both me and the show; listening in, tweeting during the show, guesting on the show and helping make the series an amazingly fun experience for me. Specific thanks are given in the recording, but let me just say a special thanks to the crew who have listened in and tweeted during all my shows, Rob Bunce of PlusXP for supporting me and guesting on the show, Charlotte Spencer (who may be a frequent guest in future, we hope), Richie and Mark. Also, I guess myself, just cos I can.

I plan to be back on Wired Radio in my final academic year, but I also plan to do several podcasts in the future, especially over the summer and I hope those work out so I have something to give you all.
In terms of the Life’s A Game blog, the same thing will happen like last year, where the site will still update with various written stuff on an as-yet undecided schedule, with the most likely scenario being fortnightly at the most frequent. Check out my stuff on PlusXP and Gaminglives in the meantime, and also The Slip in future.

Thanks everyone for listening, and goodbye.

Love, Ed.

2 thoughts on “LAG Series 3 Episode 8 – Finale

  1. Rich is a funny, funny guy! :D Really enjoyed listening to you guys banter back and forth, especially when he interviewed you at the end!

    Shame that it wasn’t a live broadcast but at least you didn’t ending smashing the place up. Looking forward to the next series starting… assuming they get their act together. Will be odd not having you to listen to on Mondays again. Dammit.

    • Thank you Mark :) I have to admit Rich caught me by surprise a couple of times but I loved the interview with him and hopefully I’ll be able to record something with him in future, we shall see.
      I was a bit heartbroken I couldn’t end the series entirely the way I wanted to, but I’d rather have it download only than not put up at all.
      Yesterday was the first day without the show and it just felt weeeeeird. =[

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