LAG Series 3 Episode 5

Life’s A Game Series 3 Episode 5 (7th March 2011) – Click this link and then download when prompted.

This week Life’s A Game returned to Wired Radio and concentrated mainly on the Games Developers Conference as well as looking at some of the games that are to see a release this week. I also discussed several different topics, including Bulletstorm, the GDC (CliffyB’s statements, David Cage’s comments, Bungie’s actions etc) and a couple of incidents wherein I read out some disgusting things on twitter in order to gain free stuff from my friends like the horrible whore I am.

The show does not feature the original music that was played, due to podcasting/copyright reasons, but the song introductions (Ie, “This song is…”) are kept in so you know what the songs to allow you to listen to them of your own accord, and also because editing those out makes the shows sound awkward, makes the editing a needlessly longer process and breaks the flow.

Each song listed in the playlists below are linked to a YouTube video with the song in, if you don’t have the songs yourself.
To Download, find the show, click the show name, and you should find yourself on mediafire, with the show name, and a hyperlink saying “Click here to download”. Simply click it, and the prompt to download the show will come up. Do so, and enjoy :D
All shows are 128kbs.

Life’s A Game Series 3 Episode 5 (7th March 2011) – Click this link and then download when prompted.

The Space In Between – How To Destroy Angels
I Am Sitting In A Park (Playing Modern Warfare 2 On My Laptop) – Gaz Kerr
Robot Boy – Linkin Park
Aerials – System of a Down
Long Way Back Home – Barenaked Ladies (Couldn’t find the version I played online, so here’s the Bathroom Sessions Acoustic Version)

I also want to give a massive thanks to the Gaminglives crew, who kindly listened in and tweeted me during the show. For their tweets during the show the best I can do is suggest is that you click the following link and look at the tweets sent March 7th 2011:!/search/jokesound
Trust me, it makes the show a lot funnier and helps it make a lot more sense.

Otherwise, I want to give a thank you to the following people for tweeting in and helping make the show that much more awesome. I recommend anyone reading to follow them!
Markuz (@markuzr) – Creator of Gaminglives, bribed me to say horrible things on air.
Lee (@justbiglee) – GL’s Social Media Manager
Kat (@xlibitinax) – Zombie lover (when she has backup), GL Writer
Pete (@BearHugger) – Might buy me things if I talk about my semen, GL Writer.
Pix3lboy (@Pix3lboy) – Actually paid up for bribing me to say “big floppy donkey dick” on air, master of the floor party, GL Writer.
Richie (@Peoww) – Creator of the awesome website Peoww, teacher of the exquisite pain of the knife, and will stab things if I don’t play “Hey Joe” next week.
Rob (@Garvaos), creator of PlusXP. We’re still trying to clean his hair out of the studio from last time.

Be sure to check out Gaminglives, PEOWW, and PlusXP for more Videogame-related awesomeness.

Thanks everyone for reading and listening in, and I’ll be back next week, Monday at 6pm on! :D
<3 Ed.

P.S: 69th Blog Post for Life's A Game. ;)

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