Life’s A Game Turns 1!

Wrap up your presents and start writing your birthdays cards, because Life’s A Game is a year old!
What do you mean you didn’t know that? How could you forget when I started Life’s A Game?

…Well, I can’t exactly judge. We turned a year old on the 19th October, so I’m actually over a week late for the anniversary of my own blog. I’m still not used to or comfortable with that word, and I’m not used to the fact it’s already been over a year. It’s been a varied one for me though. Let’s take a little retrospective…

I started Life’s A Game as somewhere to store and host recordings of the radio show I was about to start at the University of Goldsmiths which would talk about Videogames and play music that other people may not have necessarily heard before as well as music from games. An added incentive was the fact I was getting incredibly tired of Sheezyart, a website I used for years to write and try out different writing styles, as I wasn’t really receiving feedback and no one was reading anything I’d written despite being there for years. I love writing and it wasn’t really a place where I was improving at all. So a by-product of having this to hold all of my radio shows was that I could also try and improve my writing as well and make it more accessible to friends.

Of course I have to put a lot of it down to good luck and circumstances for my current position a year onwards. I happened to find an opportunity to go to the 2009 Eurogamer Expo with a press pass with the university’s radio station a few days before it happened, and by chance met some of the people at PlusXP, back then a new website about videogames. I took a while to eventually email them due to university commitments and concentrating on my radio show, but I eventually emailed and became a contributor with them starting with a revamped version of an early Life’s A Game post “5 Upcoming Movies Of Games Bound To Fail”. From there I contributed a few things and then came across another new website who were friends with PlusXP, Gaminglives. I then made my début there with a submission I had recently written for Life’s A Game about proposals of videogames based on BBC shows. Of course, using Life’s A Game as a place to try out various styles of writing helped me be accepted for writing for both websites, but I have to also put it down to luck.

An amazing thing about writing on both this site and for other sites is that I’m able to write about what I want and I’m encouraged to write in so many different styles and employ so many different ideas, and I’m able to get feedback that encourages me and helps me to improve my writing every time.

With Wired Radio, I improved massively to the point that I was able to easily plan and improvise shows, their playlists, and became good enough to win a Runner-Up award at the station, as well as Runner-Up best group for the Breakfast show I took part in and an award for a massive effort to help and show up all the time. Thanks

Because of PlusXP and Gaminglives, I’ve been able to have some amazing times with some awesome new friends, as though I haven’t been there from the start with either, I still am glad that I’m there to grow with each site. I love you all, guys :)

I want to give a seriously massive thanks to Wired Radio for accepting me and allowing me to be in the circumstances I am now, and I want to give those thanks to PlusXP and Gaminglives. Finally, I have to do the cliché and thank everyone who has read Life’s A Game, because if no one read anything I did, I wouldn’t bother doing it. Thank you all for supporting me and giving me a chance to allow me to improve so much, and I seriously don’t know where I’d be without you all. So thank you, genuinely.

I leave you now with links to the other websites as well as some of my favourite things I’ve written on here: – Where it all began.
Series 1 of Life’s A Game.
Series 2 of Life’s A Game.
The full roundup of the 2009 Eurogamer Expo.
The Life’s A Game Facebook Group. The people who gave me my shot writing about games for the internet. Amazing people :) Another group of incredible people who write some of the most amazing things about games you’ll see.

“5 Upcoming Movies of Games Bound To Fail” – The first thing on Life’s A Game I put effort into, but I prefer the revamped version I just linked to. The first thing I posted on PlusXP.
“How To Reboot Spiderman” – I just like this one. Also the start of my “How To” series.
Gamingtimes Day!
– I try and invent a new holiday for gamers. It doesn’t catch on.

Proposal for Videogames of BBC Games – The first thing I wrote for Gaminglives :)
Gears of War 3: Review From The Future – Granted, the Bioshock 3 one came first, but the Gears of War one is longer and much funnier. Markuz did an amazing job with the images for both though. :)

“So, You’re Trapped Inside A Videogame – Platformers” – What happens when you’re trapped in a game with an omniscient presence guiding you through? The ending to this took forever to go through with, and I’m not sure if I prefer this or the sequel, but a favourite nonetheless.
“Detective Ed in the Case of the Unupdated Blog” – I love the second one a lot more, but it continues directly from this one and so won’t make as much sense otherwise. Another quirky little series I wrote and loved.

And finally:
Everything I’ve written for PlusXP :)
Everything I’ve written for Gaminglives :)

What about you guys? Any personal favourites of yours (Including stuff I’ve done for PlusXP and Gaminglives)? Feel free to let me know your favourite posts or series, as well as anything you want to see make a return, or Birthday wishes.
Thank you all for your support and love.
Love, Edward.

2 thoughts on “Life’s A Game Turns 1!

  1. After reading that I am looking forward to your auto biography…”Gaming The Comedy Way” The Life And Time Of Jokesound. I expect this publication to hit shelves in 5 years or so.

    But untill then my favorite posts by you have to be you inside look with the companion cube and your ‘5 reasons why my console is better than yours’, here sre the links if people can’t remeber.

    inside look:

    5 reasons why my console is better than yours:

    As a side note, Jokesound plus xp wouldn’t be the same without you man, keep doing what you do and thanks for being awesome :)


    P.S. Happy first Life’s a game birthday, I would of got you a present but…..ummmm…..I’ll blame the zombies

    • Don’t forget the book I have coming out about my experiences with the Companion Cube! Even the literary world won’t be able to escape me!

      I loved writing those two posts, I’ll be honest. The Inside Look series was a masterstroke by you.
      Thanks for putting up with my writing for so long and thanks for letting me write for you :)

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