Eurogamer Expo 2010 Preview

So the Eurogamer Expo is back for another year. This time, Earl’s Court is lucky enough to be the host of the gaming proceedings which will be taking place over this Friday to Sunday. Once again, I’ll be going and covering the event for Life’s A Game and will be dedicating an episode of my third series of Life’s A Game to it when it returns soon, which you’ll be able to hear at Until now, take this as an official confirmation of a third series of that. I’ll also be covering the Expo on behalf of and for whom I also write for, and I’ll hopefully do both sites justice as they’re all fantastic people and if both sites aren’t in your bookmarks for favourites then they should be go to places if you love videogames.

So, the Eurogamer Expo, what is it? Well, it’s rapidly becoming the British equivalent of E3 or Gamescom. While the MCM Expo is basically a British Comic-Con that appeals to fans of games, comics and anime and the like, the Eurogamer Expo is purely about the games and a massive showcase for all the upcoming and recently released games. As the Expo takes place at the beginning of October, it means that you’re able to play a lot of the hottest and best upcoming titles before their imminent release during the impending Christmas season or early next year. As such, it’s a great way for all the biggest gaming companies to show off their games and persuade those on the fence or previously uninterested into playing them.

I don’t have any images of this year’s, obviously, so here’s a random picture I took last year.

Also on the cards are the Developer’s talks, where said developers will be able to talk at length about either their upcoming games or specific elements of them or of their gameplay. Last year’s talks were not only in-depth, but also fantastic and informative to watch, and with luck hype you up for their eventual releases just a little bit more.

On hand all weekend as well is the career fair. If you’re interested in a future career in gaming, then this will be a perfect place for any budding gamers or future games designers to learn how to get a foothold in the business or actually gain one. Rounding out the proceedings are also group meetings for various websites and a challenge zone wherein those attending can try their hand at different games in an effort to be the best there.

Peter Molynuex will be on hand to give a Developer’s talk. He plans on riding in on that giant trophy, revolutionising entrances to talks everywhere.

For the complete list of all playable games at this year’s expo, as well as all of the developers who will be giving talks, the challenges, businesses at the career’s fair and the various website meets follow this link to
It’ll explain everything better than I could, and means I don’t have to basically reword everything there, which is time consuming, lazy and makes it all less clear.

However, upon looking at the list, you can see there are a lot of amazing titles and talks on display. Many of the big companies will have a big presence, with games I’m particularly looking forward to including the new Donkey Kong and Kirby, Fallout: New Vegas, Gears of War 3, Rock Band 3, Fable 3, and whatever Kinect and Move can pull out of the bag. Okay, most of the list. It’s going to be awesome, and as I have a pass for the whole weekend, I should be able to get enough time to play all of them and attend most of the talks.

So all in all, it looks to be a most fantastic weekend with a fantastic Expo planned by the amazing people at, and will hopefully be even more amazing than last year’s. A big thanks to them for giving me a press pass to be able to cover the event and PlusXP and Gaminglives for letting me cover it for them, too :)

This will probably be one of the last times I can get away with posting this photo of me and Chet Faliszek, formerly of Old Man Murray and now a writer at Valve. So I’m just going to throw it in cos it was really awesome.

So the next few updates may just be stuff from the Eurogamer Expo. Hopefully, I won’t sit on it all and wait until late December to write it all up like I did last time.

For my coverage of last year’s Eurogamer Expo, feel free to check out the page dedicated to it, which should be in the column on the right, or failing that, this link:

While I’ll be covering the Expo here afterwards, not all of it will likely be on here. To get the full coverage from me, you will have to visit and afterwards. And eventually, when my show returns.
Like last time, I will most likely cover it into three categories, Games Glimpses (games I didn’t get to play long enough to form a solid opinion on), Hands On (for ones I did), and the Developer’s talks. Hopefully, you’ll read them :)


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