LAG Series 2: Episode 10: Reykjavik Strike Back! (Series 2 Finale)

Life’s A Game 22nd March – Featuring Reykjavik & Benjamin Rees – Download

Wired Tuesday Breakfast Show – 23rd March – Download

Both those links above contain the relevant shows. Click the link, then save the file when prompted.

On Mondays at 5, I host a show called “Life’s a Game” at Wired Radio.
There’s two parts to it, basically:
1. I play music I like, that isn’t commonly heard, and occasionally, relate to videogames.
2. I talk about videogames.

For the final show of Life’s A Game, I was gifted with the appearance of both the fantastic Reykjavik (Theo Martin-Herbert, Joe French and Thomas Close) and Benjamin Rees.
Benjamin Rees was supposed to have been on for the previous shows, but was unable to make the shows for different reasons, but joined us for the final show, thankfully. You can catch Benjamin Rees at

Reykjavik were awesome enough to come on the show for a second time. This time wasn’t an acoustic set, but they came to show off their new single Donstantinople, and listeners of the show were treated with a rough mix of the final product, which will be out soon. I want to thank them so much for coming onto the show and making the last episode such an amazing send off for the series.
Feel free to check out the review I did of them, and the last show they were on, in which they played a fantastic acoustic set :)
Click here for Previous Show.
Click here for Review.

Otherwise, you can find Reykjavik and its members at,, and Also at and their facebook group. :)

The Breakfast Show with Ashleigh was a fun send off, even if we were a bit partied out from our respective nights before. But, we decided to take it slow, and it was a vaguely-emotional send-off for me from Wired Radio, until my inevitable return. I want to thank Ashleigh for having to put up with me for so long on the Breakfast Show, but she is amazing, and hopefully, we’ll work with each other again in future :D
Check it out :)

The show does not feature the original music that was played, due to podcasting/copyright reasons, but the song introductions (Ie, “This song is…”) are kept in for reasons of you knowing what the songs are so you can listen to them of your own accord, and also because editing those out makes the shows sound very awkward and badly flowing.

Each song listed in the playlists below are linked to a youtube video with the song in, if you don’t have the songs yourself.
To Download, find the show, click the show name, and you should find yourself on mediafire, with the show name, and a hyperlink saying “Click here to download”. Simply click it, and the prompt to download the show will come up. Do so, and enjoy :D
All shows are 128kbs.

Life’s A Game – 22nd March (Featuring Reykjavik and Benjamin Rees) – Download
Ringo Starr Second Best Drummer In The Beatles – Blakfish
I’m Not Bulemic (I Just Wanted To See…) – Lower Than Atlantis
Donstantinople (Rough Mix) – Reykjavik – This Link leads to a download of the song.
Anamanaguchi – 1 – Blackout City
Everytime I Die – Ebolarama

There was an alternative playlist I made up for this episode just in case. It is as follows:
Song 2 – Blur
My Wena – Bowling For Soup
Once, Twice, Again! – Dartz!
Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz
Testing 1, 2, 3 – Barenaked Ladies
Everlong – Foo Fighters
All The Words You Say – Dave Ellis

Wired Tuesday Breakfast Show – 23rd March – Download
Wherein Edward and Ashleigh discuss their successes at The Wired Awards, various music, Family Guy vs South Park (and other shows), Life after Wired, and Final Goodbyes.
Telephone (Tom Neville Remix) – Lady GaGa
Come Home – Dire Wolfe
New Divide – Linkin Park
Gyal A Mad Ova – Mavado
Natural Disaster – Alexz Johnson
Pinch Me – Barenaked Ladies

My final show was an amazing send off to Life’s A Game – Series 2 – The Rise Of The Age Of The Adventure Of The Revenge of The Bad Guy And His MacGuffin Of Power! I want to thank BenjaminRees, Reykjavik, and everyone who has guested on the show, supported it, or listened in. There’ll be no more Life’s A Game for a long, long time. (Read: October time) After 30ish shows for Wired (16 Life’s A Games, 9 Breakfast Shows, 5/6 Don’t Let Me Get Me’s, and a bunch of other guest appearances) since starting in October, I’m taking it easy until next Uni Year. Then I’ll be back, and hopefully, better than ever, and I hope you’ll all continue to listen and support me when I do. :)

However, all this series is available for download, and you’re more than welcome to listen to it, spread it around, and so forth. Otherwise, thank you to everyone at Wired as well, for putting up with me, supporting me so immensely, and for giving me awards :)

Otherwise, this blog will still be updated (and hopefully still on a tuesday/friday schedule), and I can be found writing vaguely comical articles at PlusXP and GamingLives :)

Thank you all.
<3 Edward

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