Wired Radio Awards (And Thank Yous)

So Wired Radio had an awards ceremony last night, to commemorate people for all their hard work throughout the year. I showed up not expecting to win anything, but I instead came home with three. Okay, so two were runners-up awards, but still, I’m ecstatic :)

Anyone who doesn’t want to hear me be woefully self-indulgent and reflective without many jokes should probably think about looking away and reading something else on the site. I won’t judge.

The first thing I won was the runner-up for Best Male Presenter. Zarino opened by mentioning that when I started, I was a nervous wreck, and now I’ve become a lot more confident and a lot better. When accepting the runner-up, I made an awkward joke about there being more people in the room than have ever listened into the show, a couple more awkward jokes, and then sort of shuffled back down. I was a bit too nervous, and I honestly didn’t expect to win anything, so I didn’t prepare anything at all. However, I’d like to say that it’s thanks to the people at Wired Radio for having so much faith in me and letting me do my thing that I’ve been able to become so much more confident and make the show even better. If they weren’t so supportive, I probably would still be such a nervous wreck now. However, now I can do radio shows for the time being without being majorly nervous, so its all good. Thank you for the award, and next year (though I won’t win), I’d like to try to win this one outright.

Secondly, Ashleigh and I won runner-up Best Group for our work on the Breakfast Show. Sadly, Ashleigh chose to be in the toilet at that time, and so we couldn’t accept the award. But I’d like to say thank you so much to her for being such a good presenter on the show, for putting up with me being late every week because of lectures, and for putting up with my cheesy jokes and everything. She’s an amazing co-host (and also winner of the Best Producer), and I literally couldn’t do it without her. I’d also like to say thanks to Benen for doing the first few shows with us, and though he stopped showing up, he helped us out a lot when he was there. :)

Then I won the Congeniality Award, which I got for attending all my shows, and making a massive effort to help others. Again, I guess thank Wired for being so supportive of me, Alex McLoughlin for letting me help out on her Don’t Let Me Get Me show, and Natalie Preddie for starting up the Breakfast show and encouraging me to do that. And Ellie Rees for letting me just barge in on LiveWired a couple times. It’s all really appreciated :)

Oh, and I’m not worried about not winning best show. As much as I’d like to have least got runner-up or something, congratulations to the winner, because she deserved it.
Alex getting runner-up for Don’t Let Me Get Me, I dunno, though. Though, I’m going to take that as a moral victory for me (and technically an achievement) because from the new term in January, I showed up to her show more than she did. Before she lost it. For never showing up and forcing the slot on me. She’s good, don’t get me wrong, but for someone who basically quit when things weren’t working out for her, then threw a hissy fit when she lost her show for not showing up… It’s obvious it was a public vote, in any case…
Still, congrats to her :) (And again, thanks for even letting me on your show to help out in the first place)

Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to Wired Radio for even letting me on board to run a show. I was so nervous at first, but now I’ve grown a lot more, simply because they were willing to give me a chance. Because they did, I’ve since been able to start this blog, write on the internet, and get picked up by www.plusxp.com and www.gaminglives.com, both are fantastic sites filled with amazing people, and should be a regular part of your daily internet reading. Wired Radio is filled with fantastic people who have been nothing but supportive of me the entire way, and everyone leaving this year, like Zarino, I wish the best of luck to in future. I’d love to be back on Wired Radio with Life’s A Game soon. I don’t really plan to renew the show after Easter for the 4 weeks in May-June, but that’s so I can concentrate on my exams and Uni work. And also so I can recharge my radio batteries, then come on and do an even better show in October. I’ll still be writing things for PlusXP and GamingLives though, so be free to check that stuff out.

Skipping to the end, Thank you :)

Anyone wanting something humourous instead of me being self indulgent and accepting awards I won this week should check out the following:

PlusXP now have a weekly feature called “Inside Look” where they interview gaming characters. Check out my entry with the Companion Cube. Warning: Contains Cube Sex:

The Bioshock 3: Review From the Future I did is now featured on GamingLives, with some amazing images and it looks so much better. So thanks to Markuz for them, they’re amazing. Check it out:

Best Male Presenter (Runner Up)
Best Group (Runner Up) W/ Ashleigh: The Tuesday Breakfast Show
Congeniality Award Winner.

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