Reykjavik Review

They’ve been watching the bands all day. Other bands will come in, set up, perform, and then leave without so much as a chat with anyone else. Not this band. They have a lot more respect for the other bands there than to just come in, play, and get out. They’ve been here since the beginning. They came in, helped set up, and have been watching the others bands perform. First band to come in, last band to play, last band to leave.

The day goes past, and they watch every other band there, respectful of the other bands on display, and more than happy to joke around with friends and anyone else who’ll talk to them.

When it comes to their turn, they set up without much fuss, and while preparing, start playing along to Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” and Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch” playing over the speakers, effortlessly encouraging the audience to sing along. Then it’s their turn to start. The singer is powerful and expert on the guitar, the bassist is one of the most energetic you have ever seen, and the drummer dons a horse mask halfway during the set. The energy of the band is something to be admired, and they put on the most energetic and fantastic performance of anyone that night.

Who are they? They are Reykjavik, and they are a future force to be reckoned with.
Consisting of three members, Reykjavik is an alternative/hardcore band situated in Kent, and despite only being around for a year so far, they seem destined for future greatness.

Reykjavik consists of 3 members. Left to Right: Joe French (Bassist & Backing Vocals), Theo Martin-Herbet (Lead Vocals & Guitar) and Thomas Close (Drums & Van).

Every song is powerful and well crafted, and the effort put into each track they have made is evident, from “The Fear That Gives Men Wings” to “Indy (Cover Your Heart)”, each one is an audio tour-de-force.

Joe French is one of the most energetic bassists you will ever see. The energy and life the band put into performances is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Even acoustically, the band put a lot of effort into the proceedings, preventing a phone-in performance by re-crafting the songs to fit acoustically, and still manage to put on a terrific performance live in a radio studio as much as they are able to when performing live to an audience. They’re friendly, hilarious, and after a short amount of time with them, you feel compelled to see them succeed. Only time will tell if they will, but with only a year under their belt, an already-impressive catalogue of songs already, a future EP, and the upcoming single “Donstantinople”, the future looks bright for Reykjavik.

-Edward Price

Reykjavik can be found at
Edward’s interviews with the band, as well as a live acoustic set they performed as part of his award winning University Radio Show “Life’s A Game” can be found at
Edward Price is also a contributor at and is now a regular writer at


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