LAG Series 2: Episode 5: Gamingtimes Day Special! – Summary

On Mondays at 5, I host a show called “Life’s a Game” at Wired Radio.
There’s two parts to it, basically:
1. I play music I like, that isn’t commonly heard, and occasionally, relate to videogames.
2. I talk about videogames.

This week, to celebrate Gamingtimes Day, my guest Benjamin Rees and I both looked at Multiplayer throughout the ages, while playing some friendly, happy songs celebrating friendship and happiness. And Rage Against the Machine. Also, the people at are plugged, which may or may not have anything to do with the fact my stuff has been featured on there a couple of times.

Seeing as this week, Alexandra McLoughlin didn’t show up to do her show, there is no “Don’t Let Me Get Me” this week, as it was just me playing music for an hour and not speaking. So it’d have been a waste.
Similarly, I took a week off from doing the Breakfast show, and so there is no recording of that this week, either. Expect them back next week, I guess.

The show does not feature the original music that was played, due to podcasting/copyright reasons, but the song introductions (Ie, “This song is…”) are kept in for reasons of you knowing what the songs are so you can listen to them of your own accord, and also because editing those out makes the shows sound very awkward and badly flowing.

Each song listed in the playlists below are linked to a youtube video with the song in, if you don’t have the songs yourself.

I’ve moved files to mediafire, for my sake and yours. However, the process is still the same:
To Download, find the show, click the show name, and you should find yourself on mediafire, with the show name, and a hyperlink saying “Click here to download”. Simply click it, and the prompt to download the show will come up. Do so, and enjoy :D
All shows are 128kbs.

Life’s A Game (Monday 15th February, 5PM)
Wherein Edward Price and Benjamin Rees discuss Multiplayer throughout the ages to commemorate Gamingtimes Day.
Chop Suey! – System Of A Down
With A Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles
You’re My Best Friend – Queen
Not Alone – Linkin Park
Sleep Now In The Fire – Rage Against The Machine
Friends Of Mine – Bowling For Soup
You Run Away – Barenaked Ladies


<3 Edward

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