Gamingtimes Day!

Gaming is a beautiful thing; it allows you to see the most beautiful worlds, witness stories, characters and events you couldn’t see anywhere else, and it’s still evolving, day by day. Some of the better moments when gaming have always been with the people you care about most, whether it be with your family, your friends, or someone special to you in some way. While gaming is mostly enjoyed Single Player, and I, like many others am a single player at heart, I can’t deny that some of my favourite moments in games have been when I’ve been playing with friends or people who matter to me. The fun you have can obviously be multiplied, and you can find new ways to explore worlds and games you hadn’t before, mess around, have fun, and spend more time with people you care about, bonding over that most amazing of things, Videogames!

Now, I’ve been giving it some thought, and while I’m not one for making big plans or anything, but I’ve decided there should be some kind of day, wherein we dedicate it to spending time with loved ones, and playing games all day. A day where we can sit around, joke, and have a laugh, and do it while gaming as well, especially with those who we want to spend it with. A day where we can put all of our gaming differences aside, and relax, and have fun. And I shall call this day… Gamingtimes Day.

I couldn’t find a logo, because I made the day up. I need a logo. Dammit.

Gamingtimes Day, to be remembered in celebration of Saint Gamingtimes, who bought love to all through the power of videogames, and may or may not actually exist as some kind of teaching of religion or morality, and lived so that we could all celebrate the power of multiplayer upon his death. Oh yeah, he’s dead. I forgot to mention that part. It was kind of important. As was the bit about the war, but that’s for another time… Oh and then there’s the really awesome space battle between… And the bit where he… And the finale when you find out that… and that his father is really… and his best friend betrays… for the MacGuffin of Power…

But anyway, I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, Gamingtimes Day! Now, I’ve given it some thought about when I want to put the day, and I’ve honestly thought long and hard about this one. After my open to interpretation manner of how I came upon my decision, I decided to declare Gamingtimes Day for a day that I made sure wouldn’t clash with any other kind of meaningful celebration or occasion: February 14th.

I checked. Nothing going on. At all.

So how do you celebrate Gamingtimes Day? Well, it’s simple: just spend the day gaming with those who you care about. Play a bunch of multiplayer games with all of your loved ones, and share the joys of video gaming with everyone else. It doesn’t specifically matter the game much, as long as you’re playing with those you care about, and you’re having fun.

Nothing Says Love Like A Shotgun Blast To The Face

Not convinced? Here are some questions posed to me by other people about this day, and hopefully, the answers will convince you to celebrate Gamingtimes Day with me, and everyone else!

Ed, I’m sure there’s already a holiday on the 14th called v-Nope, there’s nothing significant or important at all operating on that particular day of the February calendar. Trying to convince me otherwise is probably a lost cause. If there was, however, another occasion occurring on this particular 24-hour stretch of time, surely, there’s nothing stopping you celebrating both?

Ed, are you sure this isn’t some holiday for lonely little geeks such as yourself?I don’t know what you’re talking about, real question posed to me by someone trying to insult me and fundamentally find a lack of logic in my idea. I’m completely fine and not at all lonely or heartbroken, and this day wasn’t inspired by when I spent February 14th last year being upset at being alone while spending all day playing Left 4 Dead online with friends. Stop badgering me. Stop it. LEAVE ME ALONE!

Why just one day, surely you don’t need a specific day to tell you to game?Say there was a day, in which, now bear with me, because this is going to sound a little crazy, but, what if there was this one day, right, where you’re told by society that you need to spend that day, right, giving gifts and spending all your affection on someone you care about in a romantic way. Now, imagine that this day, right, was started to help promote love amongst you and that special someone, and right, they told you that this day was solely for the purposes of love, or the pursuit of it! Isn’t that just crazy? Why would you need just one day to tell you when to love, or that one day to show that someone how you feel? Shouldn’t every day, or if not every day, a lot of the time, be spent doing that anyway? Why do you need just one day to tell you when to care, or when to do one specific thing, specifically?
I hope that answers your question and doesn’t obfuscate anything in any way at all.

But the people I care about don’t like playing games!Well, now’s always the time to educate them. Nowadays, there are lots of games designed to help wean people into games called “casual games”. Now, put your feelings aside about them, because you could always try using them? If not, there’s still nothing stopping you throwing them in the deep end and playing whatever you want, but sometimes, making a sacrifice could be the difference between just one day, and more times gaming with those you love in the future.

Can you play by yourself?Why yes, incredibly inappropriately put question! Maybe you don’t like everyone else. Maybe the people you love don’t care about games? Maybe you just want to forego the whole process entirely, and just spend the day playing games without the need of a day specifically tell you to do it. Well, there’s nothing stopping you from treating the day just like every other, and going ahead with life.

At the end of the day, Gamingtimes Day is an optional bit of diversional fun, and there’s no need to force yourself, or anyone else into it. It’s all a bit of fun, and isn’t even entirely serious. Just relax, and enjoy it :)

<3 Edward

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