Life’s A Game Series 2!

Life’s A Game returns with Series 2: The Rise Of The Age Of The Adventure Of The Revenge of The Bad Guy And His MacGuffin Of Power!

Sequels, not always the best ideas, eh?
As well as the main title for the series being a parody of sequel names, as will each episode of this series. You’ll see what I mean. You’ll see.

I want to give special thanks to for the amazing drawing for the promo image :)
As well as anyone who listened to the first series, and for giving me another series.

Expect more looking at games, more music, more guest segments, and more comedy! Mondays 5pm GMT, only at Wired Radio!

Another note: I’m also going to be part of Wired Radio’s Breakfast Show on Tuesdays from 10-11am, so be sure to give me a listen there, as well! I’ll probably try and get downloads for both shows on a single roundup post each week.
Don’t expect my future downloadables to have the music intact, either. As always, youtube links will be provided to the songs I use as well as the cut songs, but don’t expect the songs to be intact in the download versions of the show.
Sorry, thems the rules I’ve been given.

Any questions or requests can be posted in the comments below.
Other than that, glad to be back, and I hope you’ll all be listening to the new series of Life’s A Game!
Love, Edward.

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