Summarycap Of Episode 6 (With Downloads)

On Mondays at 5, I’ve been hosting a show called “Life’s a Game” at Wired Radio.
There’s two parts to it, basically:
1. I play music I like, that isn’t commonly heard, and occasionally, relate to videogames.
2. I talk about videogames.

However, sadly, the first run of the show has ended, and I’m still waiting to find out if I get the show back in the New Year, so this was possibly the last episode of Life’s A Game. With this in mind, I set out to do one of those “Roundup/Of The Year” type shows, giving out various awards to various games for various reasons. With this in mind, I’d like to thank the people at The Slackerz Forumz for helping me out :) Any awards I didn’t use, or award myself, I’ll do in another blergh entry another time.

With this in mind, here were the songs I played. Note the Christmassy theme:
The Arrogant Worms – Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass
Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
Linkin Park – My December
Bowling For Soup – Feliz Navidad
Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas
John Lennon – Merry Xmas (War Is Over)
Bowling For Soup – All I Want For Christmas Is You
Dave Ellis – All The Words You Say.

Cut Songs:
Monty Python – Christmas In Heaven
Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun (Christmas Song)

Topics Covered:
Life’s A Game Awards of the Year 2009
Videogaming Awards
Music Awards

Those who didn’t hear the show, or want to hear it again, below layeth downloads. As always, I’d recommend the second downloads (the one without music), seeing as I don’t think I’m even supposed to have the one with music, and its a lower quality of the original.
Download with music, but lower quality.
Download without music, Normal quality.
Same as before, click the link, then right click + Save as, and enjoy :D

Sorry, but I don’t think Episode 2 and 3 will be up for download any time soon, if ever. Sorry =[

Thank you all for listening, and hopefully, I’ll get the show back in the New Year. :)
In any case, hopefully expect more updates too :)

<3 Edward.

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