Summarycap Of Show 5 (With Downloads)

On Mondays at 5, I host a show called “Life’s a Game” at Wired Radio.
There’s two parts to it, basically:
1. I play music I like, that isn’t commonly heard, and occasionally, relate to videogames.
2. I talk about videogames.

Recently, I haven’t had my Xbox360 in order to play games (though it has recently returned, fixed), and the last week I hadn’t made enough progress in any of my games to be able to talk about them at length. This is why I thank Jan Klama (Steam Tag: fox_on_fire) for his generous and sexily voiced section on Videogaming in Germany. As well as this, I would also very much like to thank my very good friend Louis Osborne, who helped out massively by joining me, and pokebattling me in the studio (I won).

Also, another big thanks to Dave Ellis, who provided me with a couple of radio edits of his songs to play on the show :D

So without further ado, here be those songs I played:
Harry Lawrence – Yosemite Breakdown
Edguy – Lavatory Love Machine
CAKE – Short Skirt/Long Jacket
CAKE – Love You Madly
Dave Ellis – She Said
Incubus – Stellar (Acoustic)
Gordon ‘Gaz’ Kerr – Still Alive, A One Man Quartet Tribute
Dave Ellis – Disappear
Harry Gregson Williams – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Main Theme

Cut Songs:
Oh man, I have a few of these, this week:
Ringo Starr – Photograph
Mario Kart Love Song
Skullcrusher Mountain – Jonathan Coulton
G-Man’s Last Breath – Jonathan Lewis
(And also like 5 Dave Ellis Songs. I’m not kidding. Just go get his stuff, yeah?)

Topics Covered:
Jan Klama’s segment on Videogaming in Germany
Live Pokebattle! (Which I won ;))

Show 5 Download:
I’m working on getting Shows 2 and 3 available for download, but now the studio has a live feed which records the show and then provides us with an MP3 basically as soon as the show is done, which is awesome, and means I’m able to give you Episode 5 for download now!
As Always, It comes in two sweet, succulent varieties:
The Entire Show, Music And All, With Lower Quality
The Show, Sans Music, In Original Quality.
I’d recommend taking it sans music,, because I dunno if I’m technically allowed the one with music.
To download, click the links, Right click the hyperlink reading “Click here to download”, select save as, and enjoy the show!

Hope you download, listen, and enjoy :D
Love to all :D
<3 Edward

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