Prince of Persia 2008 May Be The Best Game Ever, But I Wouldn’t Know…

Last week, I came into posession of a magnificent limited edition copy of Prince of Persia 2008.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I endeavoured to play this as soon as I could…
Right after I finished an essay for University.

The whole weekend, Prince of Persia 2008 taunted me, while I tried to write my essay.

What wonders would I uncover playing the game?
How amazing would it be?
Will it make all my dreams come true?
Will it be the greatest game ever made?

It carried an Ubisoft logo, so the odds are pretty low…

I finally completed my essay, and I thought “At last! I finally have a chance to play this most wonderous of games!

And then I realised I had University the next day, and a radio show to do.
The day went by, the thought of Prince of Persia never leaving my head, as I waited, ever so patiently to play it. Morning went, midday went, afternoon wafted by, and evening came, and finally, I could be with my beloved Prince…

Until I realised I had Uni the next day, too.

Another morning, another midday came and passed, with me waiting for my Prince to come and whisk me away to a land of fantasy. The Prince would take me with him on his adventure, and we’d love each other until our dying days, caressing each other as we kill some bad guys in a totally manly way!

Seriously, this is the second image that comes up on Google Images when you type in “Manly Men”.

Finally, I returned home, and with a day off the next day, I finally had enough time to play Prince of Persia 2008!

Finally, the Prince and I could be together, forever! We’d throw off the shackles of our twisted realities, and create a new one, just the Prince and I! We’d teach each other everything we knew, and as we sat down by the fire, he could take me in his arms, and we could-

Ah, right, where was I?

I mean, we’d kill a bunch of bad guys and look totally manly and cool while doing it, like manly men!

I loaded up the starting screen, I selected New Game…
I watched the opening cutscene…
This is amazing! This is magnificent, finally, all my waiting has paid off, this may be the greatest-




What happened? Why was my Xbox360 Broken?
Was it a simple break?
Was it a long time coming?
Was Prince of Persia 2008 so magnificent, so amazing, that it caused my Xbox360 to break?

Now my Xbox360 is in a brighter, happier place…


And while I wait for it to return, Prince of Persia 2008 still stares out at me from its position by the Television, in the spot where my 360 used to be. It waits for me to caress it, to hold it, to love it…

In conclusion, Prince of Persia 2008 may be the greatest game ever made, but I wouldn’t know, because my 360 broke.

Oh, Prince, soon we will be together <3… I mean, soon, we’ll be killing bad guys and being totally manly and banging chicks because we love vaginas! Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

(I really hope everyone realises that this isn’t serious)

<3 Edward.

8 thoughts on “Prince of Persia 2008 May Be The Best Game Ever, But I Wouldn’t Know…

  1. Looks like this E74 /RROD thing is getting serious, it’s like all the cool kids are getting it. But I know your problem, I still have to finish The Two Thrones. It’s sitting there, laughing and giggling. Just like all the other games I own but never finished.
    But I hope you and the prince will soon be together, for lots of lov- I mean for serious and manly killing!

    • I have so many other games to play and finish.
      Of the 25 or so I have at the moment, 7 are on the 360. I need to cut that down drastically before Christmas. =/
      But soon, me and the Prince will be together :D

  2. The picture of the manly man, yeah? That’s Chabal. And he is the manliest of men.
    Except that he’s French, which lowers him a bit.

    • I have no idea who Chabal is. I literally just used it because it was one of the only pictures of google images that wasn’t guys getting off with each other when I typed in “manly men”. Also, it made me laugh, like, loads.

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