5 Things I Would Actually Do If I Wasn’t So Lazy

Complete Some More Videogames:
I try to make it a personal goal to complete at least a game or two every month, just so I can get enough leeway with the giant stack of games I have yet to complete that I can still get new games without being swamped by games I haven’t and won’t complete.
However, that hasn’t been going particularly well, and I have about 27 games to complete. Aaaand there’s christmas coming very soon. And with Christmas, comes even more games, and in 2010, there’s like, 4 or 5 games I want that come out by spring, alone. And it’s at that point I realise: I’m doomed.

Learn the Guitar:
Will gave me a Fender Acoustic for my 18th birthday. It’s been 2 months, and I know as little about how to play guitar now as I did when I started. I may even know less. It’s not like I haven’t tried, its just that I don’t know the best way to go about learning how to play. So, eventually, I have to do this, too.

Get A Job:
There’s a lot of things I want, and I’m expected to pay for them myself (Really? Seriously? Me? Pay for things? BAH, I say!). So, it logically follows that I probably need a job, or something.
I mean, its not as if I haven’t tried, but it basically comes down to this:
Okay, so, money situation is bad, so I need a job.
Well, the world’s money situation is bad! So everyone needs a job! Got anything that might get you hired over anyone else?
An education?”
Well, everyone has that! Any previous experience?”
I did work experience at HMV, that’d be perfect for you guys, seeing as I’d be working stock or something for you, right?
Well, have you had a proper job before?
Well then, we’re not going to hire you!
Wait, doesn’t this seem like a catch-22 to you? I can’t get hired unless I have experience, but I won’t get experience until someone hires me!
Well, you should have thought about that before the economy collapsed.

Do My Uni Reading:
I could save myself a lot of future work if I read in advance most of the books until Christmas. However, I am an extreme procrastinator, so I’d be lucky if I could read a book in time for the lesson it’s due in for. However, man can dream! Also, man can read, but it takes a short amount of reading before he wants to dream.
Reading often makes me sleepy, is the point I guess I’m trying to make.

Seriously, there’s so much I’d like to write, or at least finish writing, but I can’t do that until I decide to get in gear, and actually decide “Okay world, today, I’m going to do a bunch of writing! And it’s going to be mediocre to average!
Until then, I’m going to be stuck with Song, Poem, Story, and Article ideas, and never writing them or finishing them. I have ideas from over 2 years ago still stuck in my head, dying to be written. However, I’m just too lazy (and frequently uninspired) to write them. And with those other 4 things bugging me as well, I’d start to think I could be a lot better of a person (or at least a more productive one) if I started actually using my free time.

3 thoughts on “5 Things I Would Actually Do If I Wasn’t So Lazy

    • How about two updates in a day?

      Seriously, I was trying to aim for a “Mondays and Fridays” update schedule, which I’ll start trying to adhere to from now on. Until then, whatever happens happens.

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