Summary of My First Radio Broadcast

Because I do a radio show for Goldsmiths’s Wired Radio (Mondays at 5pm), I obviously have to plan some stuff. Mostly what songs I’ll play, and what I’ll talk about in gaming.

Here’s a summary of what songs I played in the first broadcast, and what topics I covered.

Songs I Played:
Songwriter – Dave Ellis
Frank Sinatra – CAKE
The Distance – CAKE
Save Your Scissors – City & Colour
Medicate – A.F.I. (I have a play a song from the studio-given playlist every week. This was that track)
Give Me Your Name – Dead By Sunrise
Bring The Noise 20XX – Public Enemy & Zakk Wylde
Still Alive – Lisa Miskovsky
Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS

Topics/Games I Covered:
The Best Selling Games This Week. (Pro Evo 2010, Fifa 2010, Forza 3, etc)
Goldeneye 2010 Confirmed
Brutal Legend
Modern Warfare 2’s Price
GTA4: Episodes From Liberty City: The Ballad Of Gay Tony.
Review of Crash Course (Left 4 Dead DLC Campaign) [Summarised: Get it]
Quick aimless rant about perceptions of violent videogames (and old perceptions of Film & Music)
Sign Off, and needless plugging of my blog and XBL Gamertag.

The next show’s in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed it’s good. <3

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