Hey, So, Yeah…

I haven’t even had this blog, and I can’t think of anything good to write or show you all.

Especially cos at the end of the day, I’m actually still conscious about my writing and what people think of it.

It makes this seem like a bad idea, in retrospect.

I’m actually working on something right now, and I’ve wanted to put it up for the last two days, but its still not finished.

So while I actually write it, here’s a couple of things I wrote a while ago. By a while, I mean earlier this year, and late last year. This will hopefully tide you over while I get this other thing finished.

A Review for “Quantum of Solace” for the Xbox 360. (Warning: Very long)

A Poem Called “Perfection, Creation, Destruction” (Gosh, it sounds so happy! I tend to either be great at titling things, or suck majorly. This was a “suck majorly” title, but I’m relatively pleased with the poem).

Feel free to judge both in the comments below.

Edit: Also, this is a shout out to Charlotte Rollinson, who will keep complaining otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Hey, So, Yeah…

  1. again with the no mentioning/no poem for me. edvard i am devastated. i shall continue to spam this ‘ere blog o’ yours until you do (and maybe evfen after) depends how bored i get.

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