I like to write stuff, but the site I used to use basically died of members who I’d talk to or get to look at/critique/despise everything I made. I was also meant to be getting a website, but that’s basically a pipe dream now, considering that was like, over a year in the making and nothing happened cos I’m so lazy.

So, there’s two main, overriding reasons for the creation of this blog:

1. It’s a substitute for the website I don’t, and probably never will have.

2. I have a radio show (for the time being, at least) at my university, in which I get to talk largely about videogames. So this is also a good place to type up things I spoke about, put down rejected ideas for the show, etc, and talk about videogames. As well as write depressing, dreary stuff, poetry, songs, and anything that comes to mind.

This blog was going to be named after the Radio show, to provide a complete link between the two, but someone beat me to what I wanted, and so I’m gonna have to settle with https://jokesound.wordpress.com, instead of lifesagame.wordpress. It’s fine. I just like that name, is all. It’s also more salt in the wounds that they don’t even use that account, it seems, but oh well.

If anyone is reading this, hello. My name is Edward. As much as I’ve used it in this post, I don’t like the word ‘blog’.

Let’s be friends.

<3 – Edward.

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